Sunday, January 8, 2012

Following Lions - Getting Ready for De Ronde

Ronde PDX is an epic ride that should be on the calendar for everyone in the Club.

It's a true test of fitness and this ride was clearly part of the inspiration for the jerseys and the Club in general. We knew we had something when seven of us showed up for what was to be a crazy journey through the hills of SW Portland. I know I wasn't clear that it was going to be such a tough ride and remember telling the wife that we'll have just a few hours to complete the 60 some miles. Yet, 60 miles takes a bit longer when you're going along at 4 miles per hour like I did today. Chasing a Few Lions 01-08-12

It was a fantastic day for a ride with the fog letting go to sunny skies and a crisp day to be on the bike. I will post the full length of the DeRonde per my GPS when I find it and figure out what day the ride will be for 2012. Officially in 2011, there was no ride as the website says.

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