Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Importance of Street Names in Route Planning

I should have known that the route was going to be a good one when the organizer said we'll start out going up Summit and then hit Alpine. These streets are named this for a reason. What do you expect from a guy that is nicknamed the mountain goat of the group!

We had a nice group of 7 today and four of us wore the Club jerseys. It is fun to see them on the ride. The other two regulars on the ride, bought the jerseys but just haven't picked up theirs. We have a great core group and it was a day to celebrate one of our members turning 40!  The new guy was nice and outclassed us with his ride.

It is not the best boost to the ego to learn that there's an ex-pro on the ride that is at the fitness level where one could contemplate climbing a 19,000 foot high mountain in Peru. Then to find out that effort was done without Oxygen. Of course to add insult to injury, I didn't know this until after the ride.

The ride was great until my freewheel seized up 15 miles into the ride. We were on SW Fairmount Loop at the time and we thought it could be fixed but alas it was too far gone to coast on. The timing was okay, we were only 5 miles from the house and the Sag Wagon was ready to roll with the kids at the neighbors house. I ended up taking the bike in for service and am hopeful for warranty support.

The post ride stop at the Muddy Rudder was a great way to share a recap of rides gone past and a do a little planning about this seasons offerings. The unsupported century to the Bridge of the Gods has to be on the list and some shorter rides to get more neighbors out with the Club. I am going to need someone to hang with me in the back of the pack if I don't get my fitness up.